Tuesday, 3 September 2013

CANDY BUFFET - The Engagement Day of Izzaidah Dato Ismail + Syahrul

Engagement of Izzaidah Dato Ismail & Syahrul. Wonderful couple & very sporting parents!!!
Candy Buffet & Bubble Talk

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Monday, 2 September 2013


My baby shower was wonderful! I had a blast and felt so much loved with lovely friends & family surrounding me.  Thank you to everyone who attended and helped me preparing for my son’s arrival. Also a HUGE shout out to my husband (Han Hansi), my beloved Mommy (Hjh Lina), my sister (Datin Paduka Suhaili),  my sister in law (Norlida Shari) for hosting it.

It’s not often that I have received such a ROYAL treatment and I will forever remember this day as special and FUN! Some of the highlights are the Candy Buffet, My Cake, The Helium Balloons & My Mom's Mee Curry! If Mom ever stops being a full-time housewife she could open a restaurant. She’s an amazing cook!

There was also a delicious cake from a very dearly friend, Nurul Hidayah & my sugar cookies from Syida!

I could go on and on about how blessed I feel right now, but I rather let the pictures tell you the story. Thank you so much to everyone for making this day unforgettable and for helping me feel incredibly cared for and special! I would also like to thank each of you who gave me such wonderful gifts for my baby boy. I’m feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness. For those who didn't make it yesterday, make sure you are available for my aqiqah soon!!!

AS OF TODAY,MY LACEY COOKIE JAR'S operation will be officially CLOSED for 2 months! I'm terribly sorry for all the requests of CANDY BUFFET that I have to turn down due to my confinement period.However,doorgifts & party packs are still ON. Do whats app me should u have any enquiries. (+60173666645) Thank you for your kind support towards us all this while & happy holiday to my crew! ^_^

Monday, 26 August 2013


Aren't these little box cute to you?

** 3 holes cookie box

** 6 holes cookie box!
We even have it in 2 & 4 holes! Just text us now and tell us your color! ;)

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Email: mylaceycookiejar@gmail.com
Website: www.mylaceycookiejar.com

** For further enquiries!

BABY JAR - Chyme's Birthday Party

Cookie Jar - RM5.00
Jellybean - RM3.50
**Including deco,designing,sticker label.

Order placed by her gorgeous mommy!
* Check out the party photo! ;) Exclusively done by Chyme's Creative Mom, Ms. Christine.

Whats app: +60173666645
Email: mylaceycookiejar@gmail.com
Website: www.mylaceycookiejar.com

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Date: 24th August 2013
Time: 5-11pm
Venue: Dato Johari's House Taman Harmonis, Gombak
Occasion: Open House/Birthday/Graduation! It's multiple celebration!!!

Thank you to Pn.Arina Dato Johari for having us! ^_^

Whats app: +60173666645
Email: mylaceycookiejar@gmail.com
Website: www.mylaceycookiejar.com

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Friday, 16 August 2013


OUR NORMAL price for Baby Jar is RM3/pc
For this whole month of Syawal, you may get yours for ONLY :) RM2.50/pc with anything you wish errrr except cookies! Sementara promo raya masih ada contact us now +60173666645 (whats app me - for a better respond!)

This could be suitable favors for kids on your wedding too. ^_^ Without ribbon.
RM2.50/pc only.

Personalized Sticker - which we will do 3,5 @ 8 designs depending on your deposit placed and you may choose your own favorite design for the bottle label ;) 

Friday, 9 August 2013


Our Candy Buffet Creation guarantees your satisfaction. Our Event Coordinator will design a candy buffet set up together with you to perfectly meet your needs the requirement that suits your theme.

We provide an assortment of candies & dessert used in our themed packages to create a desirable, tasty treat of your guests so that they will enjoy and remember!
All of our candy buffets include - Table Deco, Candy, Main Food (Macaroon, Cupcakes, 3D Cakes - depending on the menu), Lacey Transparent Jars, Candy Scoops, Candy Bags (on request), Theme Accessories & Exclusive Equipments, Delivery, Handling Charges and Set-up.
* Custom orders are available too!

Candy buffet prices are charged on a combination of your theme requirement, table sizes, location and number of guests.


Sempena Aidilfitri yg mulia ini, saya ELA selaku empunya company kecil lagi tak seadanya ini ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kpd SEMUA client yg pernah menaruh kepercayaan kpd hasil kerja kami & memberikan peluang utk kami terus berkembang secara kecil2an hasil dr kepercayaan itu.Disini juga saya ingin memohon ampun & maaf seandainya ada apa2 kesilapan yg telah saya atau mana2 individu dlm team kecil kami @ My Lacey Cookie Jar yg pernah melukakan hati dan perasaan anda semasa kita pernah bekerjasama, harap dpt dimaafkan & jangan di simpan di dalam hati.

Semoga Allah memberikan kita smua hidayah dibulan mulia ini. Selamat tinggal Ramadhan & Selamat Datang Syawal. Terima kasih diatas sokongan anda selama kami beroperasi.

*MY LACEY COOKIE JAR tak cuti - tempahan utk favors/doorgifts/party packs/party boxes masih dibuka. LAST ORDER will be this coming 1st September. Dan operasi kami bakal di tutup sehingga 1st November 2013 sbb kami nak buat persiapan sambut "BOSS KECIL" yg bakal lahir. Harap maklum.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

CANDY BUFFET - Purple Theme Ariff & Dayang

The Groom: Ariff Hakimi
The Bride: Dayang Rozaidyza
Venue: Dewan Besar JPS Malaysia, Cawangan Jalan Ampang, Jalan Air Bukit, KM Off Jalan Ampang
Date: 30 June 2013
Time: 12-4pm
Theme: Dark Purple - Moroccan
Package: Candy Buffet + Guestbook Table


Whats app us now for the packages.
+60173666645 @ you may add us on
Thank you.


We do personalized stickers too with NO MINIMUM order. :) Pricing starts from RM0.50/pc

** We will make 3,5 @ 8 custom made designs for you to choose depending on the deposit placed. :) Once you have make your own choice, we will proceed with printing right-away! ;)


Round - RM0.80/pc
Square - RM0.50-0.70/pc
* Depending on the size.
Designing - RM 10.00
Cutting - RM 20.00
Whats app - +60173666645
Thank you!


Hellooooooo if you have little budget but BIG quantity,this may be suitable for your function! ;)
You may have this tiny lil' marshy in a plastic container that looks like this with your own personalized label/sticker!


And it is as low as RM1.30/each depending on what you wish to place in the container.
We have a bigger plastic container & the size is roughly like your Samsung Note! Hehe!
That would cost you RM 2.00/pc only!

Whats app us now 0173666645 for your enquiry.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Bagi sesiapa yang ingin membuat amal jariah di bulan mulia ini boleh contact kami. :) Tempahan candy in a bottles kami bermula dari RM2.50 keatas dan masih dibuka InsyaAllah sehingga hujung Ogos ini.

Contoh dibawah: Tempahan buat Anak2 Yatim YPIN,Sg.Manggis Banting Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Grab it while it lasts!
We only have limited number of these items!


Silver - 100pcs & Black - 50pcs.
It's a custom-made jewelry case imported from India. It's handmade and very detailed. We had placed a velvet layer inside,outside and behind the casing so that it looks much more elegant! Whats app us now to grab this deal: +60173666645 or email us at mylaceycookiejar@gmail.com

Ps: You can easily get it here in Khazanah or Central Market EASILY FOR RM 19-22 per piece!
But we are selling it for RM 7.00 & 8.00-nett ONLY!!!

BOTTLES / JARS - Wedding Doorgifts @ Birthday Party

Our EMPTY Baby Jar starts from RM 1.00 ONLY!!!
Jars ONLY - RM 1.00
With ribbon only - RM 1.50
With sticker only - RM1.80
With ribbon & sticker - RM 2.00

 Our SPECIAL custom-made Baby Jar with cloth on the cap starts from
RM 4.00

Our EMPTY Baby Jar is RM 1.00 ONLY!!!
J-633: Empty Jars RM 1.20

You may also place an order WITH or WITHOUT the food.
(PRICING for BABY JAR with food)
- Marshmallow RM 3.00
- Gummies RM 3.20
- Jellybean RM 3.50
- Cookies RM 5.00


We have many of our regular customer placing an order with us one after another party! :)

Whats app us for an enquiry. 0173666644 @ mail us at mylaceycookiejar@gmail.com

Our Party Box packages start from RM 5.00 onwards. Isn't that very much affordable?

Mail us now for the packages!